From Bigs to Littles (though she’s not so little anymore)

From Bigs to Littles (though she’s not so little anymore)

Today my card is a drawing from Berkli, the oldest of the youngest Polands. I don’t have as many memories with them as I do the older ones because I stopped having the entire summer off and in Iowa before we had the chance. And I no longer live just 2 hours away so I can’t go down for a long weekend anymore. In many ways, that makes me cherish every moment and opportunity I do get to spend with them a little more. I was going to start with an earlier memory for Berkli and I will share it before the end of the month. But today, I want to share one of my favorite memories with Berkli.

Berkli competed in the Summer Music Olympics at University of Nebraska at Omaha two years ago and her mom asked if I would like to take her to the competition. I was excited to be able to take her for a couple of reasons. First, I was going to enjoy being able to hear her play. I had to stand in the hallway and listen while she was judged but it was still fun to be able to hear her play. I had taken piano lessons when I was young and knew it was hard work to learn and memorize a piece for a performance. Second, the competition was at UNO where I had gone to school so I could show Berkli around my old school. Third, it was close to Jones Brothers Cupcakes which we could get on the way home to celebrate! While there was a lot of waiting to play and then to get her award, it was a fun day out with her. And as always, I am thankful for the memory and to be able to call her my niece.

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