He surprised me…

He surprised me…

When I made my list of memories with the kids, today’s memory from Brock was not on my list but it should have been. It was actually a trip to see Papa at the lake and then on to Uncle Jim’s 75th birthday party. We stopped at Bob Evans on the way down to the birthday celebration and on the way back to the lake. Not only did we love the tomato basil soup, we had fun with the kids menu activities as well. And Dad forgot Tate’s leash so we ended up using the strap from my duffel bag so Brock could walk him until we stopped and bought a new leash.

Like most Poland family trips, that one was filled with adventures. While at the lake with Dad, we checked on our Treasures at the Lake geocache hidden at the BLIA building, listened to Matt Snook sing, and played with Tate. We went to Big Jim’s birthday and saw many family members which is always fun. And then we saw some unique Missouri sites including the morel mushroom along the interstate and this Craig, Missouri bathtub and toilet display.

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