Day 4: Oh Brock…


Before we get to today’s memory from Brock, I want to take a moment to celebrate my mom and my family. Today, it’s been 11 years since she passed away. Her favorite flowers were gerber daisies and this one bloomed earlier this week for me. It’s from a plant I received earlier this year for my birthday. I’m not great at keeping plants alive but I wanted to try so I bought a new pot and have kept it in bright light. And now, in addition to this bloom, there are several more starting to pop up from the roots. It’s one more way for Mom to be here with me over her favorite holiday season!

I was told that Brock’s memories were likely to be tear jerkers so you can imagine my hesitation on what is already an emotional day for us. Honestly, I’ve had so many happy memories of my mom this week that I’m enjoying remembering her and didn’t want today to be a sad day. So imagine my happy surprise when I opened Brock’s memory and read this:

The running joke is that the only reason Brock contacts me is to rent a movie or if there is a problem with Netflix. And there is good reason for the joke. When others would worry if they saw a missed call after they went to bed from a family member, when I see it’s Brock, I assume he wanted to watch something and wasn’t able to do so. While we certainly have both phone and text conversations about other things, we do have plenty that relate to renting movies or the password for various accounts so he can watch movies. I can’t blame Brock for this-I have been allowing him (and everyone else) to rent movies and/or use my accounts to watch movies for several years now. In fact, long before Brock understood what it mean to have to ‘pay’ for something online, he asked me if he could watch a movie on my Amazon account. I asked if it was free-meaning included with my prime account and Brock responded back that yes, he wouldn’t have to pay for it (a true statement). So I agreed and five minutes later, I became the proud owner of a newly released……

Back to Brock’s memory and our conversations-let me leave you with some of our many conversations over the years about renting and watching movies. I did get smart and started making my birthday part of the password they have to type in each time-maybe they will remember it better!

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