Welcome to the family..

Welcome to the family..

Wednesday’s memory came from Huck. I loved all of the photos that were included. And I had planned this story for Hadi but then realized it was Huck’s birth, not Hadi’s. So here’s tonight’s family memory. I was headed in town with Andrew, Hailee and Brock to meet their youngest cousin. Our first mistake was asking my sister what hospital Huck and his parents and sister were in. We set out and found the hospital and headed to the 5th floor as instructed. Only to find out we were on the psych ward (it was a bit scary how easy it was to get there). We called and were told we were in the ‘wrong part of the hospital’ so we went and asked for the maternity area and found it. When we asked to go to Staci Poland’s room, we were told she wasn’t there. That’s when we were told we were in the wrong hospital. We eventually found them and met Huck!

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