Stay Tuned….

Stay Tuned….

So this is the card I opened from Andrew. His mom had been telling me it was going to make me laugh since we started this so I decided to open it just after midnight because it was technically Day 18. I did laugh when I opened it because this is what I text him when I want to talk to Andrew because he is even worse than me about picking up a phone call. On the rare occasion this doesn’t work, I threaten to take away the Netflix password if he doesn’t call.

When I talked to Andrew, we started talking about the many, many things he could have written about on his cards. Which gave me an idea-after Hailee and Brock’s cards are opened this week, I have prepared top ten lists of my own memories for each of them and will be posting them over the weekend. They have done a great job coming up with some funny and sweet memories. And honestly, it would be impossible to capture all of our memories. My memories with each of them will be part of my gift to them this year!

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