A new memory today

A new memory today

Macli sent me lots of photos today. They are from some of my favorite times like Westfair and times that I have missed this year like birthdays. I was also able to meet the new puppy last night that Macli sent in a photo as well.

I love photos of the kids and will cherish all of these. Today, I’m going to share what will hopefully be a great memory for years to come. Last night, the kids got my Christmas present. It is a punch box full of fun craft and slime stuff that they were able to each punch one hole in last night and then will punch one a day until Christmas. I also gave them a slim recipe book and three tubs of slime to get started. It was all Mom approved! I love how much they love making things and learning as they make slime and other things. They will have more surprises under the tree Christmas morning that involve science fun! It was fun to talk to the kids last night as they punched the box and played with their slime. I’m looking forward to them discovering new things each day over the next week and a half!

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