On the 12th day of Christmas, my nephew gave to me….


Brock has been my Storm Lake traveler several times now. This memory is from our most recent trip to Storm Lake the last time I was home for the summer. It was much easier driving with him when he had something to watch on the way there and back. Storm Lake is a favorite destination for a number of reasons-I get to see my friends and my old house, we get to go to the water park, and of course, donut holes! Storm Lake Bakery definitely does have the best donut holes. The funny thing about Brock and the donut holes is that he was only 2 when I left Storm Lake for Texas but still remembered the donut holes and always asked about them. He didn’t understand when I moved that I couldn’t still bring him donut holes. So I had friends who were coming to (or even near) Treynor bring them down. One of the first times they were delivered to my mom’s house, he saw the box on the kitchen island and tried to get them for himself and ended up spilling them all over the floor. On this trip, Brock was introduced to Kevin, my friend’s cat, and they bonded. I think if she had said it was okay, he would have taken Kevin home with him. He had fun with the other cats too, but Kevin was definitely his favorite.

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