A colorful start to Round 2

A colorful start to Round 2

Today I had a package to open rather than the memories I have been opening and I was curious. I almost opened it last night but I’m glad I waited. I should have known what it was given that it was from Kristin but honestly didn’t have a clue. I’m not sure when Kristin and I first started doing tie-dye with the kids but it eventually ended up on the list of ‘annual Poland activities’ that must be done every year but only at a time when both Kristin and I were back. It’s also one of the few activities where I don’t have many photos of us doing tie-dye over the years because 1) it’s over pretty quick and 2) I was usually too involved in dying things to stop for photos. What I do have though, is photos of all of us in our tie-dye over the years so here’s to enjoying those as well as a few of us actually dying shirts, pillow cases, towels and anything else we could find.

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