Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

It seems there are more free and inexpensive technology tools for teaching and research almost daily. Open source software is becoming more mainstream as well. I have found that I like using R for statistics as much as costly software packages such as SPSS or SAS and I like some of the graphing options on R better than the other packages. I like using Prezi for presentations rather than PowerPoint and I can embed my presentations in a course management system or even here on my own blog.

When I first started teaching, I would adopt technology in my classroom without any constructive thought on how it matched the goals and objectives I have for the course. I enjoyed using technology in my classroom but it wasn’t always the best way to achieve what I wanted. Sometimes the technology actually got in the way of the message either because of the novelty of the technology or frustrations with technology not working properly. I still use new technologies in my classroom; today I test any new technology before adopting it in my courses and I ensure that it aligns with what I am working to achieve in the class.

One of my favorite blogs about all things teaching & classroom management is Ask Dr. Kirk. From her blog, I recently found links to a number of websites related to technology in the college classroom. Box of Tricks provides a comprehensive list of technology resources for teachers. The Next Web provides instructions on making infographics to present data to your classroom audience. Pearson School Systems even has a Pinterest board full of teaching tips and a blog post on using Pinterest in your classroom. One of my favorites is the 60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom.

What technology do you enjoy using in the classroom?

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